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Slingshot Effect (QF32 p 346)

Editor’s Note I am pleased that this topic has generated much discussion in the pilot community.      Few readers understand if and why the Slingshot Effect exists which makes this topic is even more interesting.      Question QF32 reader John Reid asks: “The QF32’s appendix includes A380 specifications.   There is a statement […]

Back Story QF32 Page 045 – Why we need to pay attention to the pre-takeoff safety briefing

This excellent article in the Sydney Morning Herald explains why we should all pay attention to the airline pre-takeoff safety briefings. The briefings are not for entertainment: Federal aviation regulations require that passengers be briefed before every flight. You chance of surviving an accident increases if you follow the instructions. Think about  David Cassebohm (QF32 […]

Welcome to the Big Jets Book discussion

I am writing a book about big jets My definition of the big jets are those bigger than the Boeing 737 or Airbus A320.  Large corporate jets (Gulfstream and Cessna) are also included. For aspiring aviators who are pursuing a career flying Big Jets and for commercial aviation pilots, The Big Jets book provides an […]

Back Story QF32 p 016 & photos opposite p 135 – – Automation, Mechatronics

Alexander is studying Mechatronics Engineering (computers, electronics, mechanical) at a university in Sydney, Australia. Alex has a passion for things that work and fly.  He is fortunate to be entering the workplace when the world is being transformed in a remarkable environment of discovery and innovation.  In particular, robots are enabling improved capabilities and efficiencies […]

Back-story QF32 p 045 – David Cassebohm – Sabre Legend

David Cassebohm climbing into his Sabre fighter in April 1968 at RAAF Base Butterworth – his first flight after his accident  of 19 March 1968 (that is described at QF32 page 45).

The Far (Fun) Side

Enough of the serious stuff.  Here is the funniest interview I have ever had: “Merrick Watts and the Highway Patrol” It was a very funny team interview.  Chris North, the “Highway Patrol’s” producer also MCs in his spare time for the hilarious “Victoriana” at Sydney University.

Back-story QF32 p 340 – Chinese Symbol for the word ‘CRISIS’

I received the following correspondence from Dr Derwyn and Carolyn Jones – passengers on QF32. In the spirit of the “glass being half full, not half empty”, I echo their thoughts and share them below: “When written in Chinese the word ‘crisis’ is composed of 2 characters. One represents ‘danger’ and the other represents ‘opportunity’. […]