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A380s, “Sweet Spots” and Storm Petrels (ver 44, Mar 2017)

  The A380 is a passenger magnet! Update February 2017 Twin engined aircraft are encroaching more on what used to be the quad-engined aircraft’s domain.  The increased capabilities afforded by the expanding rules for Extended Range Operations for twin engine aircraft, means these long range twins can now fly over vast oceans, many hours from […]


Flying IS the sport of kings.   Guiding 500 passengers and manipulating $400m worth of the highest technology through congested airspace to the other side of the planet is a privilege that few experience. I’ve just returned from a great flight over the weekend from Sydney to Los Angeles.   I took the photo above […]

News – 19th October 2013

 (Nancy-Bird Walton (VH-OQA).  First operational takeoff after probably the longest and most expensive repair in aviation history)  04 April 2012.    (Photo RDC) The historical news of the last few weeks is so good that  it has to be documented: 1.   Chuck Yeager’s 65th anniversary of supersonic flight. General Chuck Yeager is a living […]