Photos – Engines (not in the QF32 book)

Please note:  Richard believes  it unfortunate that some versions of the QF32 book (translated into other languages) do not contain the excellent 63 photos that are published in the English version of QF32.

The Mighty Trent 900

Wonderful details and specifications are spread throughtout the book:

Takeoff – page 152

Failure Mode – page 317

General Specifications – page 350

(Photo: Richard de Crespigny)

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  1. Doug Hargreaves · · Reply

    I am a professor in mechanical engineering at [….] Brisbane. I teach about 1000 first year engineering students about teamwork, leadership, ethics, project management, problem solving, sustainability and communication (written and oral). There is so much about teamwork in your book and obviously clear and unambiguous communication and leadership. Thank you Doug

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