Monthly Archives: July 2012

QF32 ranked #1 in the Top Ten

After being on sale for just four days, QF32 was ranked #1 in the Top Ten non fiction books at the Watermark Bookshop at Melbourne Airport today. The stock of QF32 had quickly sold out in many stores since it’s debut last Wednesday.   The first reprint was ordered on Monday, five days after the launch. […]

Back-story QF32 p 141 – Michael von Reth

Introduction (by Richard de Crespigny) – 31 July 2012 Michael is a humble and self effacing man who shies away from being held up for accolades. A man I hold in the greatest of respect (Susan Rice, Cabin Safety Specialist, CASA) It is rare that I find myself in absolute awe in the presence of […]

QF32 Book launch imminent

After thirteen months of blood, sweat and tears, Richard de Crespigny’s book on the QF32 flight will be launched this weekend. The electronic version (for iPad and Kindle) can be ordered world-wide from Amazon, the Apple store and other quality suppliers. The first paper edition should be on the shelves of your favorite bookstore in […]

Back-story QF32 p 009 – War Stories – from School!

Having been free of world war for over 66 years, it’s understandable why some of the younger generations have sometimes taken our peaceful existence and secure lifestyle for granted.   But back in 1945 the world was a very different place and even the life of a school boy was exciting. Here is a story […]

Back-story QF32 p 011 – About Hudson Fysh (Qantas Founder and First Managing Director)

Introduction This story adds to the story told at the QF32 Book page 11. One of the pleasures of being a member of the “Rorters Club”  (another story for another day) is to meet the most extraordinary people who contributed to our aviation heritage.  John Fysh, son of Hudson Fysh and a member of the […]

Back-story QF32 p 300 – Passenger’s Story – Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson’s friend wrote a very interesting account of what it’s like to be on the ground when a loved one is wrapped up in an incident.   It’s a positive story.