Photos – Damage (not in the QF32 book)

The remarkable photo of the uncontained engine failure is in QF32 after page 278.

Additional photos will be uploaded to the web site as we get closer to the book launch.

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Richard believes  it unfortunate that some versions of the QF32 book (translated into other languages) do not contain the excellent 63 photos that are published in the English version of QF32.


  1. I purchased QF32 as an eBook, and I regret to say that it contains no photos.

    1. Dear Ed,

      Yes you are unfortunately correct. More information is at

      There are photos in the printed book that may be ordered from

      Please wait 24 hours before attempting to order the printed book as our online store (hosted by “Gate13” is not responding, and the Gate13 company is also not responding …..). Most embarrassing ideal!

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