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Back Story – QF32 page 261

I have always welcomed robust debate and constructive criticism. Matthew Squair, a very intelligent expert in risk and safety systems (and a person whom I hold in the highest regard)  raises the question:  “Is there a role for military control checks in civilian aircraft?” This question opens up a very large topic! Food for thought. […]

Documentaries, Interviews and Media

Summary There have been many media interviews since the QF32 book was launched.   Some were funny, some serious.  Here are links to some … Documentaries 60 Minutes  (15 minutes, February 2011) 4 Corners QF32 program (1 hour, March 2011) Three additional & technical 1:1 interviews  (40 minutes – total) Air Crash Investigation: S13E10 – Qantas 32: Titanic […]

Back Story QF32 p 159 – Startle Effect, Fight, Flight, Play Dead and Deliberate Practice

Our reaction to stress and panic has evolved as a successful survival strategy. Imagine a panic situation such as a lion attacking us. Deep within our brains, sitting atop the brain stem, the limbic system is the first set of brain structures to comprehend and recognise the sight and the roar of the approaching lion […]