Documentaries, Interviews and Media

The Multi Function Display (MFD) (located on the centrel pedestal beside each pilot) displaying the CPDLC log. (Photo courtesy Richard de Crespigny)


There have been many media interviews since the QF32 book was launched.   Some were funny, some serious.

 Here are links to some …


60 Minutes  (15 minutes, February 2011)

4 Corners

QF32 program (1 hour, March 2011)

Three additional & technical 1:1 interviews  (40 minutes – total)

Air Crash Investigation: S13E10 – Qantas 32: Titanic In The Sky   (1 hour.  Nat Geo, Feb 2014)

Smithsonian Channel

QF32 Summary   (3 minutes, 2015)

Planes that Changed the World – A380 Super Jumbo  (1 hour, 2015)

Channel Nine

Mayday Mayday – Terror On Flight QF32  (43 minutes)


Merrick and the Highway Patrol (Photo R de Crespigny)

Merrick and the Highway Patrol (Photo R de Crespigny)


  • Richard Fidler on ABC  (1 hour) (Broadcast Wednesday 3 July 2013).
    • ..  but then I listened to [this interview], and I took heart. If you’re going to do something, you must do it properly,   I realised: Standards matter. If we set about a task without the intention of doing it to the absolute best of our ability, it’s not worth doing.  (ZMKC)
    • …. it was an amazing, engrossing episode.  I had coincidentally, ordered Captain De Crespigny’s book “QF32” from our local library a week before the interview.  I have recommended it to many others who are not necessarily radio devotees and, without exception, all have been equally amazed by this particularly incredible and riveting aviation drama and its testimony to human endeavour thru’ the skill, ingenuity, competence, determination and faith in their knowledge and experience of Captain de Crespigny and all his crew.   Truly inspirational stuff!   Peter Sullivan
  • Margaret Throsby ABC FM morning radio   (1 hour)
  • Norman Swan – Radio National – Late Night Live  (Discussing Human Factors in Aviation and Medicine with Dr Paul Barach)
  • ABC Overnights  with Rod Quinn:
  • Qantas “Q Radio”  (Qantas In-flight Radio on air during November 2012)   (Click here to download)   (Julie McCrossin asks questions regarding training, teamwork.   ~ 10 minutes)
  • Drive with Rafael Epstein on 774 ABC Melbourne
  • 3AW Melbourne – Neil Mitchell speaks with Richard de Crespigny about Post Traumatic Stress (29 July 2012)
  • QF32 page 250. L/G GRVTY sw (Landing Gear Gravity extension switch). Lift the yellow cover, unlatch the two safety locks, then push the big bar down – then cross fingers!. This switch operates electrical release latches to release the 18 tonne landing gear complete with 22 tires. Gravity should pull down the five struts within two minutes. (Photo Curtesy Richard de Crespigny)

More Cockpit Photos …

Television (other)


The Project  – 6 August 2012   (search for “de Crespigny”)  (10 minutes)

Book Reviews

Indie Book Award 2013

Flight Safety Foundation – “After Shock” by Rick Darby, August 2012

Australian Aviation magazine – August 2012, by Geoffrey Thomas  (not available on line)

Flight Safety Australia (Sep-Oct 2012)

Christine Negroni


Flight Safety Australia:  September-October 2012  (see p 26)

InterPilot – December 2013   ( International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA’s) safety magazine)

Orient Aviation – Tom Ballantine – Oct 12

The Weekend Australian Magazine “This is your captain speaking

Flight Safety Australia publication (March-April 2014)  “Don’t believe your ears” (including a video about spatial disorientation)

Video Review (Fun)

Video Review (Technical)

Social Media


Pilot Richard de Crespigny the standard of flight

Order of Australia Award

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