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QF32 Book – Readers’ Comments

This is Richard’s first book and so we are expecting to find errors and omissions.   We welcome all feedback, good and bad to improve the product. Amazon reviews iTunes reviews Interviews and Book Reviews with Richard de Crespigny QF32 – Corrections and Reprints Book Versions, Availability & Ratings

Back Story QF32 p 345 – A380 (Route) Specifications

A380 (Route) Specifications WARNING:  This is a very technical posting! Writes Mike Farmery (a friend)  from the UK:  I would appreciate it if you could help me with some information.   I am giving a talk at a local school very soon called ‘The Chemistry of Flying’. I would like to start it off with a […]

Back Story – Air Traffic Controllers

20 October – International Day of the Air Traffic Controller Today is the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller. I would like to acknowledge the contribution of the profession of Air Traffic Controllers to the safety of our aviation industry. Throughout my career I have trained, developed and worked along side this band of […]

News – 19th October 2013

 (Nancy-Bird Walton (VH-OQA).  First operational takeoff after probably the longest and most expensive repair in aviation history)  04 April 2012.    (Photo RDC) The historical news of the last few weeks is so good that  it has to be documented: 1.   Chuck Yeager’s 65th anniversary of supersonic flight. General Chuck Yeager is a living […]

Back Story QF32 p 18 – Ariel Red Hunter

The need, interest and skill in learning and understanding the foundation levels in mechanics and motors has diminished in today’s new age of high automation, planned obsolescence and robot production lines. Even if we could learn about how motors work, the cost to repair motors is now so high, and failures are so seldom, that […]

Back Story QF32 p 336 Passenger – Claire Ryan

Congratulations and best wishes to Claire and Costa! Claire Ryan was the beautiful passenger who appeared on the 60 Minutes Story (7 minutes 15 seconds into the video) about QF32.  We have made contact many times since that flight – some of her correspondence is printed in the QF32 book at page 336. Claire and I have […]

Back Story QF32 p 124 – Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger

I have just added one more memory to my list of life’s great experiences. I spent many hours yesterday with Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the captain of US Airways flight 1549 that successfully ditched in the Hudson in 2009 and the captain who saved the lives of 155 passengers and crew. Sully is a quiet […]