Back Story QF32 p 336 Passenger – Claire Ryan

Congratulations and best wishes to Claire and Costa!

Claire Ryan was the beautiful passenger who appeared on the 60 Minutes Story (7 minutes 15 seconds into the video) about QF32.  We have made contact many times since that flight – some of her correspondence is printed in the QF32 book at page 336.

Claire and I have kept in touch since the flight and she has become a good friend.

So it is with great pleasure that I post this photo of Claire after her elopement  (her words) to Greece with her now-husband Costa Fousteris.

Writes Claire:

“I wanted to send a picture of us just after our ceremony in Mykonos! The photo is of Costa Fousteris and I, taken at Saint John Resort in Mykonos Greece on Saturday 6 October.

 It was a wonderful ceremony.  They have a private chapel at the resort and we were married just outside as the sun set. We had a civil and ancient Greek ceremony. 

The resort is magnificent; the views are amazing and our small celebration was perfect. We are currently in Thesaloniki for a few days, before heading back to London and Australia.”

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