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Flying IS the sport of kings.   Guiding 500 passengers and manipulating $400m worth of the highest technology through congested airspace to the other side of the planet is a privilege that few experience. I’ve just returned from a great flight over the weekend from Sydney to Los Angeles.   I took the photo above […]

Back Story – QF32 page 290 – Coral

Coral’s QF32 Many readers have picked up a glaring omission from my QF32 story.   It’s the story that should have been told by my wonderful wife Coral. Dad describes Coral as “formidable”, and I can understand that. To me she is the most beautiful girl on the planet. She is not just the “wind beneath my […]

Back-story QF32 p 045 – David Cassebohm – Sabre Legend

David Cassebohm climbing into his Sabre fighter in April 1968 at RAAF Base Butterworth – his first flight after his accident  of 19 March 1968 (that is described at QF32 page 45).