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Flying IS the sport of kings.   Guiding 500 passengers and manipulating $400m worth of the highest technology through congested airspace to the other side of the planet is a privilege that few experience. I’ve just returned from a great flight over the weekend from Sydney to Los Angeles.   I took the photo above […]

Fear of Flying – Part 3 of 3 (The Cure – Annabelle Brayley)

Fear of Flying – Part 3 of 3 (The Cure – Annabelle Brayley) by Annabelle Brayley When I was growing up, I’d had occasions to fly in the old DC8 and Fokker Friendship as well as several smaller planes so it was a complete shock to me, to discover in 1987 that I hated flying in […]

Back Story QF32 – Passenger Story – Johanna Friis

Being on board the A380 that day was an amazing experience in so many ways. I have always been fascinated with aircraft and I was excited to see what the biggest jet on the planet was like. Once we had taken off for the first leg of the flight from London to Sydney, I realised […]

Back Story – Air Traffic Controllers

20 October – International Day of the Air Traffic Controller Today is the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller. I would like to acknowledge the contribution of the profession of Air Traffic Controllers to the safety of our aviation industry. Throughout my career I have trained, developed and worked along side this band of […]

Back Story QF32 p 336 Passenger – Claire Ryan

Congratulations and best wishes to Claire and Costa! Claire Ryan was the beautiful passenger who appeared on the 60 Minutes Story (7 minutes 15 seconds into the video) about QF32.  We have made contact many times since that flight – some of her correspondence is printed in the QF32 book at page 336. Claire and I have […]

Back-story QF32 p 300 – Passenger’s Story – Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson’s friend wrote a very interesting account of what it’s like to be on the ground when a loved one is wrapped up in an incident.   It’s a positive story.