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QF32 Back Story – Rolls Royce Trent 900 – Request for Questions

I have been researching Rolls-Royce engines for decades.     I have studied the engine’s “workshop manuals”.   I visited the Rolls-Royce production and engineering facilities in Derby, UK just two weeks before my QF32 event. Yesterday I toured the Sin$700 m Rolls-Royce Seletar Campus in Singapore.   This is the first production facility for […]

Back Story QF32 p 18 – Ariel Red Hunter

The need, interest and skill in learning and understanding the foundation levels in mechanics and motors has diminished in today’s new age of high automation, planned obsolescence and robot production lines. Even if we could learn about how motors work, the cost to repair motors is now so high, and failures are so seldom, that […]

Welcome to the Big Jets Book discussion

I am writing a book about big jets My definition of the big jets are those bigger than the Boeing 737 or Airbus A320.  Large corporate jets (Gulfstream and Cessna) are also included. For aspiring aviators who are pursuing a career flying Big Jets and for commercial aviation pilots, The Big Jets book provides an […]