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Back Story – QF32 page 355 – Peter Ford

Peter Ford is a life long friend. I’ve known Peter since his days as a reporter for an Australian news channel, through to his time as one of the first CNN anchors when Ted Turner cruised the corridors. Peter’s specialty was then everything that it is now – high tech including the Iraq War Mark […]

Mach 55 Meteorite

Note:  … this blog is being updated as more information comes to hand …. I have just returned home from a trip and am amazed to see the many remarkable car dashboard-cams of the meteorite that impacted near Chelyabinsk, Russia: Click here if you have not seen these videos  (the third is shocking) this video is […]

QF32 shortlisted for the 2013 Indie Awards

It’s official! QF32 has been voted into the short list for the Indie Awards for 2013. The Indie Awards have a proud tradition of identifying the best of Australian writing.   Most of  the previous winners,  have gone on to win other extraordinary literary awards.  QF32 will also by  vying for the coveted “Indie ‘Book of […]