QF32 Book Availability & Ratings

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QF32 eBook

  • The eBook is available world wide  (Apple Store, Amazon …).
  • The eBook contains links back to QF32.Aero to provide back stories, the glossary and additional information.
  • Interestingly, the ratio of QF32’s eBook  to paper book sales is five times higher than the industry average for non fiction…

QF32 Paper Books

  • The paper book (with 63 great photographs) may be ordered world wide from QF32.aero  (These books are signed by Richard de Crespigny. Richard is also able to include a special inscription such as “Happy Birthday ….” or “Good luck on your flying career …” or other text.)
  • The paper book may also be purchased in Australia or New Zealand from your favorite bookshop.


Altipresse (in fact no company now) has any legal rights to to sell or to distribute  “VOL QF32”.

We are trying to stop illegal publishing and sales of “VOL QF32”.  We  recommend that owners of “VOL QF32” either destroy the book or return it to their supplier and demand a refund.

Summary:   “VOL QF32” is a poor (French) translation of the QF32 Story.

  • A French version of QF32 (entitled VOL QF32) has been published, but due to a plethora of  shocking translation errors, is NOT recommended.
  • “VOL QF32” contains the equivalent of about 55 pages of new and fabricated material that Richard de Crespigny had not seen, checked for validity nor approved.
  • “VOL QF32” is missing the equivalent of about 57 pages of  separate pages and sections that comprise all other versions (QF32) that  have been removed without permission.  Pages removed include the Crew Names, Dedications, Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Acknowledgements, Specifications and ALL 32 pages of photographs, and many more.
  • The contract with the French publisher (Altipresse) was terminated on 24 May  2013.
  • Altipresse was instructed on 24 May 2013 to stop selling-distributing “VOL QF32” and to destroy all remaining copies of “VOL QF32”.
  • Altipresse has not paid any money to the Pan Macmillan or the author after illegally publishing and selling “Vol QF32”.
  • The English version of QF32 has won numerous awards.    Autographed copies may be ordered here and shipped world-wide.
  • QF32 is being translated into German.

Update November 2016  (launch date + 4 years)

Another large reprint this year.

QF32 being brought in large quantities for:

  • Training courses in schools, universities
  • Corporate events.

Sales remain strong four years after the launch.  For this reason QF32 remains in the large book format (ie has not transitioned to a smaller format).

Update June  2014  (launch date + 2 Years)

QF32 still on the “Best Sellers” list.

(Photo Sophia de C)

(Photo Sophia de C)

Update 16 February 2014  (launch date + 19 Months)

QF32 rated #11 download from iTunes Australia (Fiction & Literature and Biographies & Memoirs) (Bookchart.info)Top_100 (640x397)

Update 20 November 2013  (launch date + 16 Months)

QF32 rated #9 download from iTunes Australia (Fiction & Literature and Biographies & Memoirs) (Bookchart.info)

Update 25 May 2013  (launch date + 10 months)

20 March 2013

Update  February 2013  (launch date + 6  months)

  • QF32 rated #2 non-fiction book at Sydney Domestic Airport.
  • QF32 remains # 12 download from iTunes Australia (Fiction & Literature and Biographies & Memoirs) (Bookchart.info)

Update 5 January 2013 (launch date + 5 1/2 months)

QF32 rated the 6th & 7th Best Selling book in Australia for 2012  (Sydney Morning Herald 5-6 Jan 2012 p6)

9th reprint ordered

QF32 remains:

# 1 best selling Non Fiction book at Australian international airports
# 11 download from iTunes Australia (Fiction & Literature and Biographies & Memoirs) (Bookchart.info)

Update 9 December 2012 (launch date + 4 1/2 months)

8th reprint ordered

Update 21 November 2012 (launch date + 4 months)

7th reprint now in the stores

Update 13 September 2012 (launch date + 7 weeks)

QF32 remains the #1 best selling Non Fiction book in Australia
6th reprint ordered today

Update 21 August 2012 (launch date + 1 month)

  • QF32 remains the #1 best selling Non Fiction book in Australia
  • QF32 remains the #2 best selling book in Australia, behind only one of the three “50 shades …”
  • The paper book is on back order at about 70% of stores
  • The eBook is  available world-wide
  • iTunes Australia #1 position for Fiction & Literature and Biographies & Memoirs  (Bookchart.info)
  • 4th reprint ordered this week

Update 14 August 2012 (launch date + 3 weeks)

  • QF32 remains the #1 best selling Non Fiction book in Australia
  • QF32 remains the #2 best selling book in Australia, behind only one of the three “50 shades …”   (perhaps we should bundle QF32 with “50 shades ..”)
  • The paper book is on back order at about 50% of stores
  • The eBook is now available world-wide
  • A third reprint has been ordered today

Update 7 August 2012  (launch date + 2 weeks)

  • QF32 remains the #1 best selling Non Fiction book in Australia
  • QF32 remains the #2 best selling book in Australia
  • The paper book is sold out in about 90% of stores
  • The eBook is now available world-wide
  • New stock (from the first reprint) should arrive at your favorite reseller by the end of the week
  • A second reprint will be ordered this week

Update – 1 August 2012 (book launch + 1 week)

QF32 is now the:

  • No 2 selling book in Australia (all categories); and
  • No 1 selling book in Australia (non-fiction)
  • The book went into the first reprint after four days on the shelves.


  1. gwsgiants23 · · Reply

    What language is it translated in? French,English what else?
    Also since I am Japanese I will love to have it translated into it

      1. The French “Vol 32” is 100% unauthorised. Do not buy this book. The publisher started by translating-copying my text then added random, diverse and irrelevant info and then took out other essential info (including the photos). The publisher did not agree to my required changes, refused to withhold the book and has not paid any money for any sales. Teamwork and quality at its worst.
      2. A German translation has been completed – awaiting a publisher.
      3. I would be pleased to discuss opportunities with other language publishers.
  2. Craig Bradshaw · · Reply

    Dear Richard,

    I have just finished reading your book and what a fantastic read it was. I am a very keen aviaton enthusiast myself and it just goes to show the calibre and expirence and profession of pilots at qantas which i think is taken for granted by the press and the general public especially over the lasy few years. I still recall the exact moment where I and about 100 of my other work colleagues were glued to the TV thinking that a qantas jet had crashed looking at the live scenes in indonesia. In my mind afterwards, i could not work out why you did not want to land the plane sooner and why it took so long to offload the passengers once you landed but the book explains everything so well done. Although I am a avid “Boeing” (747-400) man compared to Airbus I have a quick question for you – If you had the same level damage on an older type of aircraft albeit boeing 747, 767, A330 / 340 would the aircraft have been able to respond / fly in a similar manner or it just would have been doomed ? ( thinking back to the United DC-10 in 1989) or you think the A380 is just a step above everything else and was the right aircraft at the right time for that incident ?. I too live on sydney’s north shore and would be a great honur to shake your hand one day. Craig

  3. Harold W S Luxton · · Reply

    I’ve got the e-boook. It’s a great read. Thank you. I would love to see the photos. Any chance of a link?

    1. I am sorry Harold, the publisher will not let me load the book’s photos onto the internet for copyright and intellectual property reasons. This is a pity as the 64+ photos are all dear to me and amplify the stories contained in the text.

      However you can get real photos by purchasing the paper book QF32:
      * Australia and New Zealand: From your favorite supplier; or also from
      * World-wide: http://QF32.Aero

      Best Regards


      1. Harold W S Luxton · ·

        Thank you for taking the time and having the courtesy to reply. I live in an isolated rural area in WA and e-books add to the value of living here so thanks for the e-book. Next time I am in our regional centre (Albany) or Perth I will look out for the paper book – it will be a great Christmas present (after I have looked at the photos of course). Once again thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I found it a very interesting and thought provoking book. Harold.

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