QF32 ranked in the top 10 Best Selling books in Australia

Today the Sydney Morning Herald released the lists of the best selling (paper) books in Australia for the 2012 calendar year.


QF 32 has been available for just 5 months and was rated:  (Sydney Morning Herald 5-6 Jan 2012 p6)

  • 6th Best Selling Non-Fiction book in Australia for 2012, and
  • 7th Australian Best Seller book for 2012.

Thank you for supporting QF32

The sales have eclipsed the author’s and publisher’s expectations.

big jets

Richard is now resuming working on his big jets technical book.    He hopes to publish it in 2014.

Please send us your requests for content in a technical book that will analyse today’s big jets.

Click here to be notified when the big jets book is released



  1. Congratulations Richard! There aren’t too many non fiction books that can hold my undivided attention from start to finish, but QF32 was certainly one of them.
    Best wishes,

  2. Paul Seaman · · Reply


    Congratulations you and the book deserve the recognition. Certainly one of the best books I’ve read. I continue to recommend it to anyone I talk to. Any chance you might write one on your cockpit observations, a collection similar to your mails. Your mail on clouds fascinated me. I’d love to read more about these kind of things and also learn more about what happens, day to day at the pointy end – from push back to landing.

    Really enjoying your work.

    With many thanks (and wishing you and family a great 2013) Paul

    Sent from my iPad

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