Back-story QF32 p 045 – David Cassebohm – Sabre Legend

David Cassebohm climbing into his Sabre fighter in April 1968 at RAAF Base Butterworth – his first flight after his accident  of 19 March 1968 (that is described at QF32 page 45).


  1. Ash, I knew you from SOPUBS (with Pete Moxey). Hope you are well. Dave Cassebohm (Cass) and I were mates from flying together and arrived at SOPUBS around the same time. I took over from him when he took a SQNLDR slot vice ?? Page or Jeff Trappett. I also flew regularly with Richard when he was posted to Caribous. A good hand even in his pilot formative posting. He “clicked” with Stu McAlister and got good career advice from him. Hoppy

  2. Where is Dave now? I worked with him in the Royal Australian Air Force in 1988 when we were at HQSC SPTO Pubs (better known as SO Pubs).

    I also met Richard P T Champion de Crespigny at a RAAF Academy Graduation Ceremony when he was Aide de Camp (ADC) to the Governor General, Sir Zelman Cowen.

  3. John Clarkson - Sergeant Armourer - RAAF - Retired · · Reply

    Dave Cassebohm is with us today due to his outstanding airmanship on that remarkable day.

    I was one of the 77SQN ground crew who saw his Sabre suffer a compressor stall and plough into the rice paddy fields. By the time we arrived at the crash site (about 3 miles north of the base), the aircraft had burnt to the ground.

    Dave had crawled out of the burning cockpit with just inches to spare. As the saying goes – he did well!

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