Back Story QF32 p 016 & photos opposite p 135 – – Automation, Mechatronics

Alexander is studying Mechatronics Engineering (computers, electronics, mechanical) at a university in Sydney, Australia.

Alex has a passion for things that work and fly.  He is fortunate to be entering the workplace when the world is being transformed in a remarkable environment of discovery and innovation.  In particular, robots are enabling improved capabilities and efficiencies in almost every environment.

This BBC link showcases the state of mechatronics, particularly aero-mechatronics and the concept of “Swarming”.    Click here for the BBC report.

Swarming aircraft in a “close formation” to ease traffic congestion?    That’s a topic for another post.

Boston Dynamics of Waltham, Mass, USA makes the “Cheetah” which is shown in the above link.   The mechanical “Cheetah” can reach speeds of up to 30 km/hr, making it the fastest legged robot.   It’s been around for many years but is currently noise and energy intensive.  More on this topic is provided at Scientific American (July 2012 p 38)   Click here for more about this technology.

Alex and Mechatronic engineers will change our world (for the better!).

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