Rest In Peace – Gene Cernan

I am very sad to hear of Gene Cernan‘s passing.

Gene Cernan (

Gene Cernan (

Gene was the last of the (just) twelve humans that walked on the moon.. He was also a close friend of Neil Armstrong.

Coral and I attended Neil Armstrong’s memorial service on 13 Sep 2012 at the National Cathedral in Washington where Gene presented Neil’s eulogy (that follows in this post).  Gene’s eulogy for Neil also reflects back on Gene’s remarkable career.

Coral and I saw Gene speak in Sydney just a few months ago when he launched the documentary about him titled, “The Last Man on the Moon“.  We had planned to see him at the International Astronautical Congress in in Adelaide, Australia in September 2017.

Gene Cernan

Gene Cernan

Best of Breed

Gene and the Mercury/Gemini/Apollo astronauts were not just intrepid pilots with the right stuff.   In every regard they also represent the best of humankind.

They became ambassadors for STEM and exemplars for resilience, fearlessness, discovery and ethics.

They make us remember where we were when these first astronauts visited the moon.  They make us think about where we are, where we are going, and what we want to become.

Rest in peace Gene

Once again we sadly farewell another of the few World’s great legends who set standards and pathways to the stars for all who follow.

Rest in peace Gene.

Gene Cernan (NASA)

Gene Cernan (NASA)

Gene’s eulogy for Neil Armstrong


  1. Ann Pickard · · Reply

    So sad.

    There is a teeny Czech museum in Houston. They were proud of his involvement with them too. And had a little exhibit set up to him.

  2. It makes us realise how long ago NASA’s lunar program was and the fantastic achievement it was.

    It never ceases to amaze me what man is capable of constructively yet fails so spectacularly politically as evidenced by current horrific world events.

    Another uplifting event for me recently was the Sully movie and I thought the recent SBS program during which you spoke on PTSD and decision making very interesting.

    Have you expressed an opinion on MH370, possibly timely as the current search has wound up? All the best for 2017.

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