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QF32 ranked in the top 10 Best Selling books in Australia

Today the Sydney Morning Herald released the lists of the best selling (paper) books in Australia for the 2012 calendar year. QF 32 has been available for just 5 months and was rated:  (Sydney Morning Herald 5-6 Jan 2012 p6) 6th Best Selling Non-Fiction book in Australia for 2012, and 7th Australian Best Seller book for […]

Documentaries, Interviews and Media

Summary There have been many media interviews since the QF32 book was launched.   Some were funny, some serious.  Here are links to some … Documentaries 60 Minutes  (15 minutes, February 2011) 4 Corners QF32 program (1 hour, March 2011) Three additional & technical 1:1 interviews  (40 minutes – total) Air Crash Investigation: S13E10 – Qantas 32: Titanic […]

Back Story QF32 p 124 – Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger

I have just added one more memory to my list of life’s great experiences. I spent many hours yesterday with Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the captain of US Airways flight 1549 that successfully ditched in the Hudson in 2009 and the captain who saved the lives of 155 passengers and crew. Sully is a quiet […]

The Far (Fun) Side

Enough of the serious stuff.  Here is the funniest interview I have ever had: “Merrick Watts and the Highway Patrol” It was a very funny team interview.  Chris North, the “Highway Patrol’s” producer also MCs in his spare time for the hilarious “Victoriana” at Sydney University.

QF32 ranked #1 in the Top Ten

After being on sale for just four days, QF32 was ranked #1 in the Top Ten non fiction books at the Watermark Bookshop at Melbourne Airport today. The stock of QF32 had quickly sold out in many stores since it’s debut last Wednesday.   The first reprint was ordered on Monday, five days after the launch. […]