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Back Story QF32 p 336 Passenger – Claire Ryan

Congratulations and best wishes to Claire and Costa! Claire Ryan was the beautiful passenger who appeared on the 60 Minutes Story (7 minutes 15 seconds into the video) about QF32.  We have made contact many times since that flight – some of her correspondence is printed in the QF32 book at page 336. Claire and I have […]

Back Story QF32 p 180 Nervous Fliers

Although many travelers hide their emotions, it is estimated that up to 25% of passengers are in fact nervous flyers. Doc Holiday quizzes Captain de Crespigny about this subject and how some of us can reduce our fear of flying and resume exciting and efficient lifestyles. Linda Emery I have just finished reading QF32 – a wonderful […]

Back Story QF32 Page 045 – Why we need to pay attention to the pre-takeoff safety briefing

This excellent article in the Sydney Morning Herald explains why we should all pay attention to the airline pre-takeoff safety briefings. The briefings are not for entertainment: Federal aviation regulations require that passengers be briefed before every flight. You chance of surviving an accident increases if you follow the instructions. Think about  David Cassebohm (QF32 […]

Back-story QF32 p 141 – Michael von Reth

Introduction (by Richard de Crespigny) – 31 July 2012 Michael is a humble and self effacing man who shies away from being held up for accolades. A man I hold in the greatest of respect (Susan Rice, Cabin Safety Specialist, CASA) It is rare that I find myself in absolute awe in the presence of […]

Back-story QF32 p 300 – Passenger’s Story – Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson’s friend wrote a very interesting account of what it’s like to be on the ground when a loved one is wrapped up in an incident.   It’s a positive story.