Royal Aeronautical Society

(Image: Richard de Crespigny)

(Image: Richard de Crespigny)

Stop Press – Thursday 28 November

The evening was a great success with my son Alexander and I meeting over 120 engineering students and 180 RAeS members.

Everyone was especially pleased to met and hear Carolyn and Derwyn Jones, passengers on the QF32 flight who also addressed the audience.   Their daughter Nia Jones joined them.  Like me, Nia is also  a great supporter of Open Disclosure.  Nia tells a great story that explains how Open Disclosure prevents litigation in the medical industry.

The Clock

“one pigeon” Trinty College Clock. (Photo: Trinity College)

Alexander  and I thank everyone for a long but great evening.

It was a great honour for Alex and I to be shown around Trinity College the following morning by Dr Hugh Hunt.   We spent an hour studying then rewinding the famous Trinity College Clock (187 years old that now maintains time to milli-second accuracy), then sat with students for breakfast under watchful eyes in the portraits of King Henry VIII and Isaac Newton.

We wish the engineering students every success with their studies.

Below is a photo of me with (future pilot) Ahmed Pandor.

Ahmed Pandor (Photo: Ahmed Pandor)

Ahmed Pandor (Photo: Ahmed Pandor)

RAeS – Wednesday 27th November 2013

I will discuss my story of the QF32 book (event) at a special meeting of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) in Cambridge on the evening of Wednesday 27 November 2013.

Details at:

Flight (Love) by the Mode Control Panel light  (Photo: Richard de Crespigny.  Title courtesy Meatloaf)

Flight (Love) by the Mode Control Panel light (Photo: Richard de Crespigny. Title courtesy Meatloaf)


  1. It’s a very great honour for you to be invited to speak at RAeS on the 27th at Cambridge, Rich.

    The following day, 28 Nov 2013, the QF32 story will have another starring role in my presentation on “Resilience and Innovation” to executive “round tables” in Sydney.

    Try a wet landing solution on a dry runway, an innovation that worked on the day – thank goodness!

    Ours won’t be technical discussion as your presentation will likely be. We’ll be focusing on lessons learnt in crisis communications.

    With thanks and best wishes, Chris

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts Chris. Good luck with your presentation in Sydney!
      Best Regards

  2. Graham Fairbanks · · Reply

    Just as you were the pilot on that fateful flight, I was one of the passengers, and I suspect the memories will linger in our minds forever.

    We were both very unlucky and also extraordinarily lucky on that day, who would have suspected the biggest danger was probably after we landed.

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