Bio-Mimicry of Shaking Dogs

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You don’t have to be a dog lover to be awe struck by this video of dog shaking themselves dry. These seemingly simply movements generate up to 70 G accelerations that “centrifuge” the hair 70% dry in just a few seconds.

Why is the QF32 technical blog referencing canine dynamics?

Because the dynamics of dogs’ shaking involves theories of resonance, damping, and (aero) elasticity in three axes.  Dog shaking has relevance to:

  • Airbus A330’s and A340’s TURBulence damping switch,
  • Airbus A380’s Dance of the Ailerons (QF32 page 129), and
  • Thoraces and insect flight.

I’ll address human’s  bio-mimicry of the dog-shake later.

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