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A380s, “Sweet Spots” and Storm Petrels (ver 44, Mar 2017)

  The A380 is a passenger magnet! Update February 2017 Twin engined aircraft are encroaching more on what used to be the quad-engined aircraft’s domain.  The increased capabilities afforded by the expanding rules for Extended Range Operations for twin engine aircraft, means these long range twins can now fly over vast oceans, many hours from […]

Bio-Mimicry of Shaking Dogs (version 2)

See also QF32 Biomimicry Richard Hammond’s Miracles Of Nature Biomimicry You don’t have to be a dog lover to be awe struck by this fantastic video of dogs shaking themselves dry.   Their seemingly simply movements generate up to 70 G accelerations that “centrifuge” the hair 70% dry in just a few seconds. Why is the […]

BioMimicry, Red Kites & 101 Club

BioMimicry BioMimicry is the study by biologists, scientists and engineers of the mechanisms and strategies of the living world, with the aim to apply them to human machines. Predators must be tougher and faster than their prey, so creatures on top of the food chain such as raptors and sharks  show us where we can adapt […]