“Resilience at the edge of chaos” (My interview with Mark Bouris)

I enjoyed being interviewed by Mark Bouris this week about “Resilience at the edge of chaos”.   We discussed issues ranging from the neuroscience of leadership to survive ‘Black Swan events’, to future technologies  and how robots will impact business and employment.  markbouris.com.au/episode-14-mark-bouris-podcast

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Mark’s Podcasts

Mark’s fascinating podcasts are downloaded by about 275,000 listeners every week.

Each week he summarises the current financial climate  before introducing his guest speaker.

I recommend Mark’s recent interview of Angela Mentis.  Angela is the Group Executive that runs the $30b Business Banking division at  the National Australia Bank.  Angela “walks the talk” and steers NAB to remain one of the most respected business bank in Australia.

Mark’s Interview with me

2015 07 Jul -1 041 (439x386)

I met Mark at 7:30 am on Wednesday morning when he arrived at the recording studio with his communications and PR team.  He was impressively dressed in his gym clothes having come straight from a boxing session that started his day.   The interview started two minutes later.

Mark shares my fascination for neuroscience.  So we discussed the brain, the mind and how it relates to everyday subjects such as business resilience, trust, disclosure, brand, decision making, surfing the edge of chaos, crisis management, knowledge, leadership, mechatronics, sentient robots and finally recruitment companies for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Terminators”.

I recommend all of Mark’s weekly podcasts.   I hope that  you enjoy listening to Mark’s 14th podcast with me.

Note:  At the 22 minute mark I should have said that Micro-Managing (not delegating) is the cancer for junior staff and teamwork.

About Mark Bouris

Mark Bouris is an Australian icon and successful entrepreneur.  He has built many disruptive businesses that challenge the status quo and provide alternative solutions that improve our lives.  (Mark’s WHY)

Mark is currently the Executive Chairman of the Yellow Brick Road Group, a financial services group in Australia.   He also launched Eagle’s Nest, his program that incubates and supports future entrepreneurs.

How ‘Mark Bouris’ and ‘The Art of Charm’ give meaning to Podcasts

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