My Next Book Announced

Sunrise from the ISS

Sunrise from the ISS (Photo NASA)

We are in safe hands! Australia's future women pilots. (Courtesy Richard de Crespigny)

We are in safe hands! Australia’s future women pilots. (Photo RDC)

I am excited to announce my next commissioned book.  The book has a temporary “working title” of “Phoenix”.

Phoenix will be available released in September 2018

“Phoenix” will explain my values and beliefs and perhaps gives insight into all the elements of survival and success we need to face change, disruptionand uncertainty ahead.  It will included the elements of leadership, marketing, management and PR as described by Tony Hughes in this excellent essay.

The timing of this next book now unfortunately requires that my Big Jets book, that was 30% completed when the QF32 event occurred, must now be pushed down the queue.   Many readers have been waiting for the Big Jets book so I regret the delay.

Click here to see the Press Release from The Fordham Company.   The text is repeated below.

“Phoenix” and Giving Back

DWA Ambassadores Jess Gallagher (beauty) and the beast!

DWA Ambassadors Jess Gallagher (beauty) and the beast!

Thank you for your support that you have given to Coral and me over the last few years.   It has been an exciting journey travelling and meeting diverse groups around the world.  Coral and I have felt especially proud and privileged to be able to help others and “pay back” the hospitality that others have given to us.   Our travels enable us to connect people and muster support to help the aeronautical industry and organisations such as Disabled Wintersport Australia, the Charles Sturt University and the Uiver Restoration Trust.

I am also passionate to further the interests for STEM literacy in the minds of Australia’s government, corporate leaders and school children.

My Niece Gorgia Ford playing physics with helium ballons.

My Niece Jorja Ford playing physics with helium balloons

I am the 28,000th STEMNet Ambassador registered in the UK.  This means that Australia should have (pro rata) 10,000 STEM Ambassadors.  Professor Ian Chubb (the Australian Chief Scientist) and I have a lot of work to do.   I’d be happy to be STEM Ambassador #1 in Australia and welcome all volunteers who wish to join me and lay the foundations for the future for our next generations.

Follow your passion Sam Harris, work hard, reach for the stars and come fly with me! (Photo Richard de Crespigny)

Follow your passion Sam Harris, work hard, reach for the stars and come fly with me! (Photo RDC)

This work is not my job.  This work is my passion and I hope that I will be able to help and motivate others in the process.

“Phoenix” is just another stepping stone along that path.

I’m loving being head-down putting it all together and I hope that you will ultimately enjoy it.

Good health and best wishes to you all,


2013 IPC World Cup Thredbo (Photo Richard de Crespigny)

2013 IPC World Cup Thredbo (Photo RDC)

Captain de Crespigny Signs New Book Deal

(c) Pix by PeteCaptain Richard de Crespigny, the award–winning author, internationally-acclaimed speaker, coach and Qantas A380 pilot has signed his next book to Penguin Australia.

Arguably one of the finest keynote speakers on the national and international circuit, de Crespigny has addressed many of the world’s largest companies and organisations in Australia, Asia, USA and Europe.

Numerous global television specials continue to flow from the success of his best-selling book “QF32”; highlighting team performance that saved 469 lives on board the world’s largest aircraft in late 2010, and reinforcing Richard de Crespigny as an expert in leadership and crisis management.

STEM - Flight (Love) by the Mode Control Panel light (Photo: Richard de Crespigny. Title courtesy Meatloaf)

Mode Control Panel light (Photo: RDC)

de Crespigny’s next book, which will be released in 2016, will further cement his reputation as one of the most respected authorities on leadership, risk, crisis management and communication.

Richard de Crespigny is exclusively managed by The Fordham Company.


T +61 2 9332 9111 F +61 2 9332 9122

The Office

The Office (Photo RDC)


  1. […] am head down working on a tight deadline to finish my next book that has the working title “Phoenix“.   My book “QF32” explained what happened on the 4th November 2010.  Phoenix […]

  2. Edward Lin · · Reply

    Look’in forward to your new book. I’ll have one copy for sure.

  3. Looking forward to the new book. You should come to Adelaide and speak Captain.
    Kind Regards

    1. Thanks Steve
      I spoke at a remarkable ceremony at Clare Valley (100 km from Adelaide) less than a week ago!
      I suggest that you consider following my short term messages on social media (twitter: @RicharddeCrep or facebook or LinkedIn).

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