QF32 Shortlisted – Australian Book Industry Awards 2013!

We are honoured that QF32 has been placed in the Short List of six for the Australian Book Industry Awards “General Non-fiction Book of the Year 2013”!

Australian Publishers Association

VH-OQJ at London in April 2013.  (Courtesy Richard de Crespigny)

VH-OQJ at London in April 2013. (Courtesy Richard de Crespigny)

The shortlisted entries were chosen by expert panels and an academy of booksellers and publishers who voted online.

The winners  will be announced at the Australian Book Industry Awards as part of this year’s Sydney Writers’ Festival on the 24th May.

Congratulations to all contenders.

See QF32 – Availability and Ratings

But wait – there’s more!

We are especially proud that Richard’s cousin Robin de Crespigny’s book:  “The People Smuggler: The True Story of Ali Al Jenabi, the Oskar Schindler of Asia”  is also shortlisted for the following awards:

  • General Non-fiction Book of the Year 2013
  • Newcomer of the Year 2013

Two R de Crespignys vying for the same “General Non-fiction Book of the Year” – that’s what the family calls hedging your bets!

Book Cover: The People Smuggler: The True Story of Ali Al Jenabi

Two books by related “R de Crespigny” side by side in the book shops at the same time!  

Go Robin!.

2012 07 July 136 Touched 1 (730x1160)

Coral pointing to QF32 and to “The People Smuggler” (photo taken in 2012)


  1. Shaun Lim · · Reply

    Dear Richard,

    By way of introduction, my name is Shaun. I’m from Melbourne and am training to become a pilot.

    I have read QF32 – a fantastic book; one that was hard to put down!

    I watched 60 Minutes tonight, which documented AF Flight 447. While it was informative, it wasn’t of the depth that I would prefer. On that note, I just wanted to see if you had ever written on this topic anywhere, and if so where I might be able to access it.

    Given the clarity with which you explained things that you did on QF32 after the engine failure, it would be very insightful to read your thoughts on the pilot actions, MCC/CRM and Airbus system on this tragic flight.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards, Shaun

    1. Hi Shaun,

      Thank you for your kind comments about my book.

      Unfortunately I am unable to comment on this flight, other than to stress that it is incumbent upon every pilot to research all aircraft incidents and accidents, to come to a conclusion regarding their causes, and especially to ensure that you learn from these events.

      Work hard, fly safely and best regards. Rich

  2. Stewart Bisset · · Reply

    Well done Richard. Reading your book made better by the online updates and back stories

  3. Cyril Mannion · · Reply

    Beautiful photo, thank you.

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