Join us (win 2 seats) at the “Life Ball”

“Life is short, break the rules”

Coral and I invite you and your partner to be our guests at the St Vincent’s Hospital “Life Ball” tomorrow (Friday 10th October) night next to Sydney Harbour.    No tricks.   No charges.   Let me explain ….

Coral de Crespigny  (Courtesy Richard de Crespigny)

“Yes Gal” Coral de Crespigny (Courtesy Richard de Crespigny)

Yes Man Plan

Coral and I believe in the “Yes Man Plan”.

The "Yes Man Plan"(Alexander de Crespigny)

The “Yes Man Plan”(Alexander de Crespigny)

Alexander de Crespigny

“Yes Man” Alexander de Crespigny

Our son Alexander invented the “Yes Man Plan”.  It’s his philosophy of answering “Yes!” to offers to meet people, go places or just to experience something new.

Coral and I also believe in Alex’s “Yes Man Plan”.

Following the “Yes Man Plan” has resulted in us meeting new life friends and travelling to places that we would have never dreamed of visiting. Every day Coral and I have great pleasure in meeting people.   Some are passengers that I meet when I walk around the A380 cabin during the flight.   Others that I meet on the street are always kind, polite and keen to talk and ask questions about my book “QF32”.

Then there are others we are excited to meet who have a passion for aviation, a passion to help others or simply a love for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).  It’s STEM that motives us all to learn more, to improve our performance and to survive in this increasingly technological world.  STEM is the key to Australia’s future, and so I am happy to talk to anyone who is keen to promote and support STEM at school, university, the workplace or internationally.

Adopting the “Yes Man Plan” has also enabled me to accept many exciting opportunities.   I am now the:

What has the “Yes Man Plan” got to do with the St Vincent’s Hospital “Life Ball”?

St Vincent’s Hospital “Life Ball”

Coral and I are attending the St Vincent’s Hospital “Life Ball”, a charity event tomorrow night (Friday 10th October) at a fabulous location at Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney at 6.30 pm. This is a lavish event with excellent food, bands and entertainment.

Alex de Crepsigny

“Yes Man” Alex de Crepsigny

In an unusual twist, the organiser of the table is now unable  to attend the event and so I am now offering up to eight places at our table to other like minded people who might wish to attend and enjoy the food, company, dancing and charity event.

You and your partner will be Coral’s and my guests at this great event.  The tickets to this Ball are expensive, but these costs have already been paid.  There are no charges for you however please be aware that the dress is strictly “Black Tie”.

The Offer

I offer you and your partner the opportunity to join Coral and me and eight others at a table of ten at the Life Ball.  These seats are available to eight selected QF32 web site readers and their partners who:

Peter de Crespigny (Spitfire pilot at 88 years)

“Yes Man” Peter de Crespigny (Spitfire pilot of 88 years)

  • are 21 years of age or older;
  • are able to attend the Ball tomorrow night in Sydney;
  • can meet the “Black Tie” dress requirements;
  • have passion; and
  • want to dance!

Update – 13 October 2014 – “Yes Man Plan” a success!

Thank you to Jan and John Wasiliev, Sanjay and Haima Prakash, Christian and Jan Langton, James Frost and Kym Treasure for your company at the ball on Friday night.   It was a fantastic night only because of your great company.

Prof Christian Langton and Sanjay Prakash

Professor Christian Langton and Sanjay Prakash

Thanks also to Jane Ferguson for organising the inspired organiser of the St Vincent’s Hospital “Life Ball”.

The guests raised $1,200,000 to help the St Vincent’s Hospital continue it’s fantastic work.   The doctors of St Vincent’s donated $250,000!

Coral and I were so pleased to meet you all.  The night’s success is more proof that Alex’s “Yes Man Plan” is a great driver for action, excitement and success!

Sanjay and Haima Prakash

Sanjay and Haima Prakash

Peter de Crespigny (Spitfire pilot at 88 years)

“Yes Man” Peter de Crespigny (Spitfire pilot of 88 years)


To those who think that I am silly to ask strangers to sit with Coral and me at a Black Tie event, I offer these considerations:

RIP Neil Armstrong who said "expect the unexpected"   (RDC)

RIP the ultimate “Yes Man” – Neil Armstrong (in an A380 simulator) who said “expect the unexpected”

  • Life is short, break the rules   (Mark Twain)
  • Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life …. (Steve Jobs)
  • Invert the Logic
  • Expect the Unexpected
  • Yes Man Plan
  • Seize the Day


  1. John, please unsubscribe to all newsletters and then resubscribe using your new email address?

  2. Sanjay prakash · · Reply

    Richard and Coral

    Many thanks for the invitation and the great evening. By saying YES we got the opportunity to meet both of you and the others on our table. Definitely YES is the word and the way to go. Couldn’t agree with you more Richard on STEM being the future for where our economy lies. If we can only our governments to give it the importance it deserves and develop this.

  3. christianlangton · · Reply

    Many Thanks Richard and Coral, along with our other new friends, for a memorable evening. One of my primary phrases is ‘grasp fortuitous opportunities’ so I will be an enthusiastic advocate for the ‘Yes Man Plan’! Jan and I adopted this on Thursday evening when we responded to your generous invitation, knowing that we would be in Sydney the following day.

    1. Sanjay prakash · · Reply

      Christian and Jan great to meet you both. Look forward to keeping in touch. Best wishes Sanjay

  4. Peter Moore · · Reply

    Thanks very much for the wonderful opportunity. However due to work commitments we would be unable to get to Sydney in time. Congratulations to those lucky eight. Have a great time everyone.

  5. Mandy Squair · · Reply

    Hi Richard, that is very kind of you and there will be 8 very lucky people attending that ball tonight with you. I volunteer for many organisations and love meeting new people! So please do it again and with more notice if you can for those of us in Canberra etc!!!

    1. Dear Mandy,

      I agree with you. We should do this again. We have an eclectic group of ten at the Yes Man Plan table tonight including:

      Pilot: (Half likeable sort of techno nerd)
      Software distributor: (she who must be obeyed, tennis guru, computer software distribution)
      Journalist: Author, horse whisperer and riding trainer
      Journalist: Financial Review
      Passionate aviator: (flying, travel, cricket, music and putting things back into non profit organisations and the community)
      Daughter of an Air India employee
      Engineer: How combining ‘yes’ with solo travel leads to new experiences, new friends, risky/dangerous situations
      Professor: Ultrasound Interventions. Delivering lectures on the Physics of Medical Ultrasound. “How can we recreate the wonderment of STEM inquisitiveness in High School students?”

  6. Hugh Ferrar · · Reply

    Dear Rich,

    Thank you very much for the invitation, but sadly I will not be able to join you.

    I think I could meet all of your requirements, but I have a commitment to go sailing on Moreton Bay on Saturday morning.

    Best regards, Hugh Ferrar

  7. Wow, That is fantastic. I wish

  8. Lionel Thompson · · Reply

    Dear Richard and Coral Many thanks for the generous invitation but Friday 10 Oct is out of reach. We were in Sydney yesterday (Oct 8th), but flew back to Perth yesterday evening on QF571. It was the end of a trip we put together for our 16 year old grandson who had never been on a commercial jet before, unlike his older sister who is disabled and has travelled east three times before with carers or teachers. Fortunately for him (and myself), we got to sample three different aircraft: 737-800 Perth-Canberra / 717 Canberra-Sydney / A330 Sydney-Perth. I spent most of the last sector digesting part of the QF32 report by the ATSB. Of particular interest was: 1. the engine detail, damage and the failure sequence 2. The manufacture of the stub pipe and the HP/IP bearing hub. The diagrams and photographs were skilfully done and very helpful in understanding the mechanics and architecture of the engine. The ATSB really know how to write a report that suits my limited understanding.

    Hope the Black Tie Ball tomorrow is a great evening for all of you. There is nothing I would like better than an evening as you describe it. Cheers and all the best Lionel Thompson

  9. Mat Williamson · · Reply

    Would of loved a visit to Sydney again, but work commitments prevent!

    Hope yourself and Coral have a fantastic night, as I’m sure it will.

    Regards, Mat & Bec

  10. Cheryl and Vince Roff · · Reply

    Vince Roff here

    Sorry we can’t attend as we live in Auckland NZ. and have just returned from a holiday in Surfers.

    Enjoy your evening


  11. Michael Dineen · · Reply

    We’re off to Sydney tomorrow……..

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