Journey to the future (Painting by Coplu

Today, 4th November 2015 marks the 5th Anniversary of the QF32 event. Good News QF32 is a story of team excellence, where eight teams pooled their knowledge, training, experience working in intrepid teams to overcome a black swan event. I again wish to thank the 8 teams of more than 1,000 people who helped deliver […]

Nancy-Bird walton (photo:  Sue Stafford.  Reproduced courtesy of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences)

The Airbus A380 registered VH-OQA, named “Nancy-Bird Walton” is a special aircraft. Nancy-Bird was a remarkable woman. My God What a Woman! A part of my heart will always be reserved for Nancy-Bird Walton AO, OBE, DStJ.   She had a passion to fly: This was around the time of the earliest aviation services.  Australia’s first […]

Wonder  (Painting by my friend Coplu (Coplu.Com))

With my suggestions for the Industry Jaanus Torp writes: Hello Richard, I just finished your book and I might say that it is not suitable for before bed reading.  Even though I had read the final report and knew the outcome, I was still quite wired by the masterfully written gripping drama. I have a […]

Your highness Ms Universe by Coplu (Coplu.Com)

Mike asks: Hi Richard, Having read your book QF32 and a number of resources available online, please let me ask one question regarding  your video interview on youtube. During the interview, you talk about the decision whether to follow the ECAM instructions to switch off the ENG 4 hydraulic pumps (“5 and 6″), and how you […]

(Painting Jaak de Koninck

I urge not just aspiring pilots, but all people working towards a dream to read this article (Brandon Bullhorn) Aviation Pathways for Aspiring Pilots Aviation Pathways Constraints Training Options Employment Options Employment Tests & Interviews Career Development Alternate Career Aviation Industry Aircraft Life Plan Money Where From Here? Summary For more Information Answers to Questions […]

"In Search of Excellence "
Painting by Coplu (Coplu.Com)

Report on Resilience “Resilience – Recovering pilots’ lost flying skills” The Royal Aeronautical Society, London has published the report that I produced after I opened the Flight Simulation Conference at the RAeS in London in November 2014. My report studies the flight safety statistics from 1942 until 2014 and the implications for flight simulation industry. The future […]

2015 07 Jul -1 041 (439x386)

I enjoyed being interviewed by Mark Bouris this week about “Resilience at the edge of chaos”.   We discussed issues ranging from the neuroscience of leadership to survive ‘Black Swan events’, to future technologies  and how robots will impact business and employment. Mark’s Podcasts Mark’s fascinating podcasts are downloaded by about 275,000 listeners every […]

London Heathrow

A380s, “Sweet Spots” and Storm Petrels I forecast that the A380 neo will be built and that the A380 will be the largest operating passenger aircraft for decades to come. The aviation industry continues to  evolve.   The changing political, economic, cultural, technological and communication landscape is forcing continued consolidation of airlines, routes and aircraft types.  It’s […]

First stop on Jossie Harris' honeymoon - the A380 cockpit (VH-OQD) (26Aug15)

Nerd Alert! I compiled this blog in early 2008 for Airbus pilots and ground staff who need to access the Airbus FOCT manuals.   It is written for those who wish to learn more about how to make full use of the impressive (but undocumented) search features in the Airbus FOCT. This blog has NO relevance […]

2014 01 Jan QF11 2 003 (640x317)

Hello Captain Rich, My question is regarding the recent German-wings crash over the French alps. In an airline multi crew environment. How is it that the Captain can leave his fellow co-pilot all by himself in the cockpit alone to monitor, fly and manage the aircraft systems? Even if the pilot was locked out and […]


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