Personal Resilience – Distractions Kill


Painting by Coplu (

This is a challenging video..

WHY you must not text and drive

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  1. Rod McClymont · · Reply

    As a former gliding instructor where aircraft are frequently flying close together and at unpredictable altitudes, speed and direction, the need for awareness of what’s happening outside of the cockpit and maintaining 3D situational swareness despite distractions is crucial to survival.
    The head-down and distracted state that is needed to text etc whilst traveling even closer to other traffic, often on converging courses and within a few meters of hard immovable obstructions and/or pedestrians is just asking for trouble regardless of driving ability.

  2. Mike Oostmi · · Reply

    Is your new book available in the apple bookstore?

    Beat regards

    Mike Oostenbrugge

    Capt 747-800

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


    1. Yes Mike, Search for “FLY! Richard de Crespigny”

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